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Gen Ed

at the University of Maryland

General Education at the University of Maryland serves to unite the intellectual and creative goals that we have for our students and define the University of Maryland education.

Your checklist

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All UMD undergrads will have a solid academic foundation.

About the General Education Program and Its Goals:

  • Develop the skills necessary to succeed in academic careers and in professional lives by establishing habits and understanding of clear writing, effective speaking and presentation, and critical and analytic reasoning.
  • Strengthen knowledge in major areas of study.
  • Broaden knowledge of civilizations past and present.
  • Establish the ability to thrive both intellectually and materially and to support themselves, their families, and their communities through a broad understanding of the world in which they live and work.
  • Define the ethical imperatives necessary to create a just society in their own communities and in the larger world.


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UMD requires students to complete a minimum of 40 credits of General Education.

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The signature program of General Education is the I-Series courses.

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Students take Fundamental Studies courses during their first thirty credits.

When do you take Gen Ed courses?

Students will take Fundamental Studies Academic Writing and Math during their first thirty credits. Many other General Education courses will be completed throughout your academic career. For guidance, please see Finding University of Maryland 4-Year Plans for Academic Majors. Your advisor will be able to assist you with selecting courses.

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Minimum number of Gen Ed
credits required
Percent of students’ credit towards degree
that are Gen Ed courses
Estimated number of Gen Ed
courses to choose from

... explore unfamiliar fields and to develop new intellectual and professional passions.