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For Faculty

University of Maryland faculty members created and will continue to own the General Education program, which was launched in fall 2012. Faculty members teach the courses, propose and develop new courses, revise old courses, serve on department and college Programs, Courses, and Curricula committees, and, as members of the General Education Faculty Boards, take overall responsibility for the quality of General Education. 

Learning Outcomes

What are the learning objectives of the courses? What assessment rubrics should be used?

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Proposing a Gen Ed Course

How does your course allow students to meet the Gen Ed Learning Outcomes?

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Designing a Scholarship in Practice Course

What are the expectations? How are courses developed?

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Gen Ed Assessment

The rubrics define the standards for student performance in General Education courses at the University of Maryland.

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Additional Resources

Workshops, teaching to promote academic integrity, teamwork and more

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Faculty boards

What is the role of the boards? Who serves on the boards?

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